Saturday, 7 January 2017

December 2016 - daily log

December (13 new species)

Thu 1st

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Sat 17th                                 I spent a little time hunting around Holt Lowes first thing where sieving mosses yielded Lathrobium terminatum and Ochthephilum fracticorne (rove beetles) plus the bluebottle-lookalike muscid fly Eudasyphora cyanicolor. I was also pleased to spot Nail Fungus Poronia punctata on pony dung, still a rare species in Norfolk. Later I had a short time available to do a bit more tussocking and sieving on Buxton Heath which produced Agonum gracile and Xantholinus gallicus (beetles) plus what appears to be the first Norfolk record of the millipede Chordeuma proximum.

Sun 18th

Mon 19th

Tue 20th

Wed 21st

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Fri 23rd

Sat 24th

Sun 25th

Mon 26th                              Turning over some logs in Shotesham produced two new rove-beetles - Bolitobius cingulatus and Sepedophilus marshami.

Tue 27th                                Back up in Yorkshire, I found a couple of Platynus assimilis (carabid beetle) under logs at Adel Dam.

Wed 28th                              Another family walk, this time on Otley Chevin, yielded Lithobius crassipes (centipede) and Pellia epiphylla (liverwort).

Thu 29th                                I found the blowfly Pollenia pediculata  on the wall of my parents’ house in Bramhope.

Fri 30th                  

Sat 31st  

November 2016 - daily log

November (29 new species)

Tue 1st

Wed 2nd

Thu 3rd

Fri 4th

Sat 5th                    A successful twitch to Minsmere with Mike Dawson and James Emerson for the surprising Cliff Swallow Petrochelidon pyrrhonota. Whilst we were there we also found Erioptera pilipes (cranefly), Bibio lepidus (fly), Metellina mengei (spider), Crinipellis scabella (fungus) and Clavulinopsis fusiformis (Golden Spindles – fungus).

Sun 6th                  I attended a field meeting of the Norfolk Bryological Group at Ashwellthorpe Wood and hence added a fair few mosses to my list: Rhynchostegium confertum, Homalia trichomanoides, Ulota bruchii, Dicranoweisia cirrata, Eurhynchium pumilum, Fissidens exilis and Fissidens incurvus. We also noted the liverwort Porella platyphylla. James Emerson was present and kindly helped me with a few new fungi too - Postia subcaesia, Macrotyphula fistulosa, Mycena pura, Pluteus aurantiorugosus and Pleurotus dryinus, as well as the lichen Graphis scripta. Finally, I brought home a gall of Diastrophus rubi on bramble; a few weeks later a mass of small wasps emerged which I identified as Torymus rubi.

Mon 7th

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Sat 26th                 After a few weeks with no new finds, I had a root around on Shotesham Common, sieving and tussocking. This was remarkably successful, producing Acompus rufipes, Nabis ferus (bugs), Paederus riparius, Galerucella tenella, Altica palustris, Cassida flaveola and Anacaena globulus (beetles). Further tussocking in the front garden also yielded the rove beetle Habrocerus capillaricornis.

Sun 27th

Mon 28th

Tue 29th

Wed 30th

October 2016 - daily log

October (24 new species)

Sat 1st

Sun 2nd                  At Tyrell’s Wood I found occupied leaf-mines of the moths Phyllonorycter tenerella and Stigmella ulmivora in elm leaves (both seen previously but never confirmed occupied).

Mon 3rd                 The scathophagid fly Conisternum decipiens found by the Nun’s Bridges.

Tue 4th                  Cranefly Erioptera lutea found at home in Shotesham

Wed 5th

Thu 6th

Fri 7th                     From the garden moth-trap, I added Rhipidia maculata, Tipula staegeri, Cheilotrichia cinerascens (craneflies) and Limnephilus flavicornis (caddisfly).

Sat 8th                    I finally unblocked a long-standing missing species, getting brief but great views of Radde’s Warbler Phylloscopus schwarzi at Holkham. I also found the cranefly Neolimnomyia adjuncta there.

Sun 9th                  A walk around Wheatfen produced the millipede Craspedosoma rawlinsii, quite a local species it would seem.

Mon 10th

Tue 11th

Wed 12th

Thu 13th

Fri 14th

Sat 15th                 After a couple of nerve-wracking days worrying that it would go, Mike Dawson and I set off in the dark for Yorkshire. Luckily we weren’t to dip, and we saw the UK’s second Siberian Accentor Prunella montanella before breakfast – bird of the year!

Sun 16th

Mon 17th

Tue 18th

Wed 19th              The blowfly Pollenia angustigena found inside the Nunnery.

Thu 20th                               

Fri 21st  

Sat 22nd

Sun 23rd                Somewhat overdue, I finally added the blowfly Calliphora vomitoria from Shotesham.

Mon 24th              We had a long walk around the Aldeburgh and Thorpeness but the only “new” species was Fallopia baldschuanica (Russian Vine); I’d never noted this outside a garden before.

Tue 25th                On a visit to Framlingham Castle, we walked around the mere here where I swept
Bembidion assimile, Aphthona nonstriata (beetles) and Trigonometopus frontalis (fly).

Wed 26th              We had a family walk around Minsmere and Dunwich. I beat Tuponia brevirostris (bug) from tamarisks along the beach, then swept Kleidocerys ericae (bug), Anotylus inustus and Stethorus punctillum (beetles) from Dunwich Heath.

Thu 27th                               

Fri 28th

Sat 29th                

Sun 30th                A family walk at Burnham Overy Dunes produced Psylliodes marcida (flea beetle) and Melanoleuca cinereifolia (Dune Cavalier), as well as a nice Isabelline Wheatear.

Mon 31st

September 2016 - daily log

September (45 new species)

Thu 1st                   Lunchtime on Barhamcross produced the weevil Orchestes signifer as well as a self-identified bramble, Rubus laciniatus. A new dung beetle - Aphodius rufus – in the garden moth trap that night.

Fri 2nd

Sat 3rd

Sun 4th

Mon 5th

Tue 6th                  Another excellent night in the garden moth-trap. It started when Tom brought down my first Ledra aurita (Eared Leafhopper) that had flown into his bedroom, clearly attracted in by the moth-trap. I then also added the coastal carabid Dicheirotrichus obsoletus (known to wander on occasion), Trox scaber (beetle), Athalia cordata (sawfly), Euphylidorea lineola (cranefly) and Polycentropus flavomaculatus (caddisfly).

Wed 7th

Thu 8th

Fri 9th                     Both Agraylea multipunctata (caddis) and Cunctochrysa albolineata (lacewing) found at the garden moth-trap.

Sat 10th

Sun 11th                A walk around Marston Marshes produced Megachile willughbiella (bee) and Populicerus nitidissimus (bug).

Mon 12th              Lunchtime walk near the Nunnery yielded Lasioglossum leucozonium (bee), Eupteryx urticae (bug), Macrocera stigmoides (cranefly) and Metellina segmentata (spider).

Tue 13th

Wed 14th              Found the cranefly Ilisia maculata in the garden moth-trap.

Thu 15th

Fri 16th

Sat 17th

Sun 18th                Barbecue at Cranwich Pits followed by a walk produced Stroggylocephalus agrestis (bug), Procloeon bifidum (mayfly), Limnephilus decipiens (caddis), Rabdophaga salicis (midge gall on sallow), Hygrotus inaequalis and Rhantus frontalis (water beetles).

Mon 19th              Lunchtime walk at Thetford Warren Lodge produced Cinara pinea (Pine Aphid), Longitarsus membranaceus (flea beetle), Orthotylus ericetorum (bug), Philotarsus picicornis (psocid) and Tachypeza nubila (fly).

Tue 20th                The tachinid fly Mintho rufiventris flew into my office at work, whilst beating the pine trees in the car park produced the small ladybird Scymnus interruptus. The latter (and also perhaps the former) were the first records for the Brecks.

Wed 21st

Thu 22nd               A very productive lunchtime walk at the Nunnery Lakes netted me seven new species; Eupteryx melissae, Orius niger (bugs), Trypetoptera punctulata (striking sciomyzid fly), Saprinus planiusculus, Thanatophilus rugosus (scavenging beetles both under a dead Woodpigeon), Neuroterus anthracinus (wasp gall on oak) and Tischeria dodonaea (leaf-mining moth on oak).

Fri 23rd                  The locally scarce wasp Ectemnius ruficornis was found at the Nunnery.

Sat 24th

Sun 25th                I found Ero cambridgei (spider) in the garden, Tipula signata (cranefly) and Lygus pratensis (bug) around Shotesham and then ‘twitched’ Nymphoides peltata (Fringed Water-lily) at UEA Broad.

Mon 26th

Tue 27th

Wed 28th              A walk at the Nunnery lakes produced Philotarsus parviceps (psocid) and later, Amara similata (carabid beetle) was caught in garden moth-trap.

Thu 29th

Fri 30th

August 2016 - daily log

August (41 new species)

Mon 1st

Tue 2nd

Wed 3rd                Popped down to Minsmere to see the Purple Swamphen Porphyrio porphyrio and took the opportunity whilst there to add a few other species too: Aspidapion soror (rare weevil on Marsh Mallow), Dasypoda hirtipes (Pantaloon Bee), Megalocoleus tanaceti (bug) and Notoxus monoceros (beetle).

Thu 4th                  Lunch-time wander on Barnhamcross Common produced the rather localised Alydus calcaratus (bug) as well as Cheilosia pagana (hoverfly). I also found the sawfly Nematus tibialis inside the Nunnery.

Fri 5th                     Moth-trapping in the garden produced Goera pilosa (caddis) and Heterocerus fenestratus (beetle)

Sat 6th

Sun 7th

Mon 8th

Tue 9th

Wed 10th

Thu 11th

Fri 12th

Sat 13th                 Pleased to find Conops quadrifasciatus (conopid fly) in the front garden on Marjoram.

Sun 14th

Mon 15th

Tue 16th                Mark Telfer beat a juniper bush in James Lowen’s garden in Costessey and out popped Rhyzobius lophanthae (ladybird).

Wed 17th              Another new conopid fly, this time Conops flavipes on goldenrod at the Nunnery Lakes.

Thu 18th                Found Arge nigripes (sawfly) on a carrot head at The Nunnery.

Fri 19th

Sat 20th

Sun 21st                  I noticed a sawfly on the side of a marquee at the Rutland birdfair which turned out to be Pachynematus clitellatus.

Mon 22nd

Tue 23rd                Three new bugs on a lunchtime walk at Barnhamcross Common: Campylomma verbasci, Europiella artemisiae and Javesella pellucida. An excellent night in the garden moth-trap, especially for beetles – I added Bradycellus harpalinus and Ophonus ardosiacus (carabids), Gyrinus caspius, Myzia oblongoguttata (Striped Ladybird) and Psylliodes chrysocephala (flea beetle), along with the lacewing Nineta flava.

Wed 24th              Lunchtime walk along the river at the Nunnery produced four new species: Metylophorus nebulosus (psocid), Tuberolachnus salignus (Giant Willow Aphid), Anobium inexspectatum (beetle) and Cordilura albipes (fly).

Thu 25th

Fri 26th

Sat 27th                Following a tip from Mark Telfer, Duncan and I went to Wheatfen and found the highly localised leaf beetle Galeruca laticollis, as well as Scrophularia umbrosa (Green Figwort).

Sun 28th                Successful trip to Groton Wood to see Epipactis purpurata (Violet Helleborine), where I also picked up Malacocoris chlorizans and Phytocoris longipennis (bugs), as well as realising I’d never added Tilia cordata (Small-leaved Lime) to my list! Later in Harwich Docks, sweeping produced small beetles Sphaeroderma testaceum and Scymnus frontalis                .

Mon 29th              Sought and successfully found the bug Dicyphus epilobii on Great Willowherb by Shotesham Pond.

Tue 30th                Lunchtime walk along the river by the Nunnery prodcued Idiocerus stigmaticalis (bug), Rhinoncus inconspectus (weevil), Phratora vitellinae (leaf beetle) and Stenopsocus stigmaticus (psocid).

Wed 31st

July 2016 - daily log

July (47 new species)

Fri 1st                     Found Beraea maurus (caddis) in the front porch at home

Sat 2nd                   Another university open day to take Tom to, this time Durham. Took advantage of this to stop off at Bishop Middleham Quarry on the way back to see Epipactis atrorubens (Dark Red Helleborine) although sadly the flowers weren’t quite open yet.

Sun 3rd                 

Mon 4th                               

Tue 5th                 

Wed 6th                                Found the hoverfly Eumerus ornatus on Shotesham Common

Thu 7th                 

Fri 8th                     At a family scout camp at Hautbois, Mike Dawson and I did some nosing around after dark and found Laemostenus terricola (carabid beetle) on a stump. We also set a moth-trap in a garden at Neatishead from which I added the cranefly Phylidorea fulvonervosa.

Sat 9th                    The tiny wasp Psenulus pallipes flew into the house.

Sun 10th                Ran the garden moth-trap and added Batia lambdella (micro-moth), Macrotylus solitarius and Allygidius commutatus (bugs).

Mon 11th              Took the day off as John Martin was up in Norfolk and staying.  Quick whiz up Market Lane to show him some Sulphur Clover and was kindly shown Chenopodium ficifolium (Fig-leaved Goosefoot) in return.  Then off to Strumpshaw Fen where we embarrassingly failed to see any Swallowtails, but did see Ammi majus (Bullwort), Anasimyia contracta (hoverfly), Scirtes hemisphaericus (beetle), Potamogeton acutifolius (Sharp-leaved Pondweed) and Salix purpurea (Purple Willow). We then picked up Alex Prendergast and headed up to the north coast. At Beeston Bump, we found John his target of Purple Broomrape and I was pleased to add Malvapion malvae (weevil), Lepidium latifolium (Dittander) and Rubus pruinosus (a bramble, thanks to Alex). I also found a mystery plant which baffled everyone (including a Wild Flower Society meeting that happened to be there too!) which we later identified as Triteleia laxa – a garden escape sometimes known as Ithuriel’s Spear. Nearby in Sheringham we added Calendula officinalis (Pot Marigold) and Rubus intensior (another bramble). More brambles then at Pretty Corner - Rubus hylocharis and Rubus sprengelii. Driving back through Norwich we noted Consolida ajacis (Larkspur) naturalised along a roadside. Alex then took us to see his hybrid comfrey Symphytum x norvicense in Tasburgh, where we also found Potentilla recta (Sulphur Cinquefoil) growing naturalised.

Tue 12th               

Wed 13th             

Thu 14th               

Fri 15th                   Hydropsyche instabilis (caddis) in the garden moth-trap

Sat 16th                 Attended a bee identification workshop with Steve Falk in Mundford, where on a short walk we noted Chelostoma campanularum, Colletes daviesanus and the very rare Lasioglossum sexnotatum (bees).

Sun 17th                The second day of the bee course was field-based. At Cranwich Camp I added the bees Andrena hattorfiana, Hoplitis spinulosa and Megachile versicolor, along with the solitary wasps Cerceris ruficornis and Oxybelus uniglumis. We then moved on to nearby Cranwich Heath after lunch where sweeping produced lots of new species: Acetropis gimmerthalii (bug), Oxystoma pomonae, Taeniapion urticarium (weevils), Bruchela rufipes, Galeruca tanaceti (beetles), Cistogaster globosa (tachnid fly), Dithryca guttularis (picture-winged fly), Iassus lanio (bug) and Nomada rufipes (bee).

Mon 18th              At the Nunnery I found Hylaeus communis (bee) and Pachynematus vagus (sawfly).

Tue 19th                The cranefly Tipula lateralis found in the garden moth-trap.

Wed 20th              Another moth-trapped new cranefly, this time Nephrotoma cornicina.

Thu 21st               

Fri 22nd 

Sat 23rd

[Sun 24th              Flew to Iceland! Drove from Keflavik around to Myvatn.]

[Mon 25th            Gyrfalcons at Myvatn. Whale-watching from Husavik, Dettifoss, etc.]

[Tue 26th              Myvatn around to Djupivogur]

[Wed 27th            Djupivogur along the south coast via Jokulsarlon to Svinafell.]

[Thu 28th              Skaftafell along to Hella]

[Fri 29th                 Gullfoss, Geysir and Pingvellir]

[Sat 30th                Reykjavik and Keflavik area]

[Sun 31st               Flew back to UK]

June 2016 - daily log

June (83 new species)

Wed 1st                

Thu 2nd                 

Fri 3rd                    

Sat 4th                    Cephus spinipes (sawfly) at home

Sun 5th                  Liophloeus tessulatus (weevil) at home

Mon 6th                               

Tue 7th                  Aedes caspius (mosquito) swept in the alder wood at The Nunnery

Wed 8th                               

Thu 9th                 

Fri 10th                   Herniaria glabra (Smooth Rupturewort) finally ticked off on a verge in Thetford.

Sat 11th                 My first new bird of the year, Acrocephalus arundinaceus (Great Reed Warbler) was twitched at Little Paxton gravel pits. Later that day, a good selection of new species at Barnack Hills & Holes with Ryan Clark: Aceras anthropophorum (Man Orchid), Cerastium pumilum (Dwarf Mouse-ear), Cryptocephalus fulvus (leaf beetle), Euheptaulacus villosus (dung beetle), Lasius alienus (ant), Urophora jaceana (picture-winged fly) and Microbotryum violaceum (campion smut).

Sun 12th                A short bramble lesson from Alex Prendergast at Burrfeld Park in Tasburgh provided Rubus armeniacus, Rubus ulmifolius and Rubus vestitus, along with welcome find of Volucella inflata (hoverfly). Walked from there to Ashwellthorpe Wood where Byturus ochraceus (beetle) was the only addition.

Mon 13th              After work trip to Winks Meadow to finally sort out Dactylorhiza viridis (Frog Orchid) after failing to find it here last year.

Tue 14th               

Wed 15th             

Thu 16th                Crossocerus pusillus (solitary wasp) flew into the house

Fri 17th                   Drove up to Holkham after work for pan-species listers’ get-together weekend. At dusk, walk down Lady Anne’s Drive produced Opomyza germinationis (fly), Aphodius sticticus (dung beetle in horse dung), Clubiona corticalis, Harpactea hombergi and Tetragnatha obtusa (spiders).

Sat 18th                 Tried and failed for Hornet Clearwing first thing, but after breakfast, driven up to Meals House to start our walk, where we quickly added Scrophularia vernalis (Yellow Figwort), Anchusa officinalis (Alkanet) and Narycia monilifera (psychid moth). We then cut through the pines, finding Malthinus flaveolus (soldier-beetle), Othius punctulatus (rove beetle) and Monotropa hypopitys (Yellow Bird’s-nest) on the way before coming out to the dunes. Under some driftwood on the beach we found Armadillidium album, Broscus cephalotes and Calathus mollis (ground beetles), as well as a Natterjack Toad.
Sweeping the dunes was productive, as we found two of our key targets, the marram-inhabiting Dactylochelifer latreillei (pseudoscorpion) and the highly localised Clanoptilus barnevillei (beetle), alongside Neophilaenus campestris (froghopper), Sinodendron cylindricum (Rhinoceros Beetle), Lasius psammophilus (ant), Xerolycosa miniata (spider) and Urophora stylata (picture-winged fly). We then made our way west alongside the dune/plantation edge, where a highlight was the impressive Ontholestes murinus (rove beetle) under a dead Mallard, as well as Cydia conicolana (tortrix moth), Hemerobius stigma (lacewing) and Thereva bipunctata (stiletto fly). At the far end of the pines we found a spindle infested with larval webs of Yponomeuta cagnagella (micro moth). We then headed back east on the landward side of the pines and further added Microcara testacea and Ochina ptinoides (beetles), Rhagoletis alternata (picture-winged fly) and Symplecta stictica (cranefly).
Back at Hill Farm (where we camping), Nicola Bacciu found us the fantastic Polyxenus lagurus (Bristly Millipede) on the lichen-covered wall of a barn. After dark, some of us then headed right back out to the west end of the pines to join in with a separate Norfolk Moth Survey meeting. This was actually disappointing with very few moth species in evidence. However, new species encountered at light were Caryocolum marmoreum (gelechid moth), Rhamphomyia barbata (empid fly), Tipula fascipennis (cranefly) and Ophion crassicornis (ichneumon wasp).

Sun 19th                Another failed attempt at dawn for Hornet Clearwings! After breakfast we were generously driven by Andy Bloomfield out to Burnham Overy Dunes, which saved us a fair hike! We had an extremely productive morning out here. We first spent time on the saltmarsh, which netted me a hatful of new species: Pseudaplemonus limonii (striking colourful weevil), Uromyces limonii (rust on sea lavender), Myosotella myosotis  (Mouse-eared Snail), Orchestia gammarellus (amphipod underneath strandline litter), Dicheirotrichus gustavii (carabid beetle), Enoplognatha mordax, Episinus angulatus (spiders), Cassida vittata (Bordered Tortoise Beetle), Tasgius ater (rove beetle), Dolichosoma lineare (beetle), Anoplius infuscatus and Pompilus cinereus (spider-hunting wasps).
We then moved onto the dunes in the vain hope (Bill Urwin’s hope really) of finding Dune Tiger Beetle. We didn’t, but in the flowery flat areas between the dunes we came across Agrotis ripae (Sand Dart), Hoplia philanthus (Welsh Chafer), Gastrophysa polygoni (leaf beetle), Meligethes carinulatus (pollen beetle), Sitticus saltator (jumping spider) and Orthocerus clavicornis (a beetle with crazy antennae!) In this area it was great to meet up with Andy Brown and Steve Lane, and I then ended up walking back to Holkham Pines with them, benefitting particularly from Steve’s eagle eyes and encyclopaedic beetle knowledge. New species along this stretch were Lathyrus heterophyllus (Norfolk Everlasting Pea, naturalised on the dunes), Onthophagus similis (dung beetle under dog dirt), Tachysphex nitidus (solitary wasp), Aphodius foetidus (dung beetles under dead rabbit), Atomaria lohsei (beetle) and Nitidula bipunctata (beetle under dead Mallard). A great weekend in the company of some great naturalists.

Mon 20th             

Tue 21st                               

Wed 22nd            

Thu 23rd               

Fri 24th                   I found the hippoboscid fly Crataerina hirundinis on the front wall of our house, clearly out of the House Martin nest above.

Sat 25th                 Took Tom to a university open day in York so as payment we popped in to see Chrysolina graminis (Tansy Beetle) by the river.

Sun 26th               

Mon 27th              Found the small fly Scenopinus fenestralis in my office at The Nunnery.

Tue 28th               

Wed 29th              Whilst doing my BBS square at Kenninghall I found Bembidion femoratum (ground beetle) just walking around on soil in arable field.

Thu 30th                Dawn Balmer called me in to see a fly on her desk at work, which proved to be Ornithomya avicularia, my second hippoboscid fly in a week!